Every trip we offer you is a serious project in which we have invested our soul, effort and time. We also value the time and money of each of our travellers. That is why we strive to do, if not perfectly, then at least fully, what we promise before the trip.

- We have been organising and running 6-7 tours and expeditions every year for over 10 years.

- We only go on routes that we have studied thoroughly. We have done every route ourselves, and more than once.

- If you have paid to go on a tour, you will go - we have never had a cancellation in all our years of operation.

- We have small groups and within the tour programme we try to find an individual approach to each participant.

- We sign a contract with our tourists on paper.

- We only have real reviews from real people who have travelled with us.

- We are completely transparent. We have pages on social networks where you can read and see everything about our life and travels.

Discounts on our photography tours

We try to keep our tours at a minimum price to make them affordable for as many people as possible. However, in some cases we can offer additional discounts.

1. Early Booking Discount. If you book and pre-pay for a tour 6 months or more in advance, the discount is -5% of the tour price.

2. Friends and Couples Discount. If you are travelling as a couple on the same itinerary, staying in the same room, the discount is up to 10% depending on the tour.

3. Discount for regular participants. The discount for the second tour is up to 5%. Discount for the third and subsequent programmes will be up to 10%. The amount and possibility of discount applies to most programmes, but in some cases there may be exceptions.

These discounts are not cumulative.