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Who We?

  • Comfort at affordable prices

    Comfort at affordable prices

    We try to combine rich programmes, high comfort and exclusive author programmes with affordable prices. We use almost no middlemen, so the cost of the tours is not overpriced, but in line with the services included in the tour.

  • Ethnography, culture, religion...

    Ethnography, culture, religion...

    We explore cultures, traditions, peoples that are often on the verge of extinction. The world is changing rapidly. These are often semi-closed communities and groups of people who carefully protect their way of life and cultural heritage from outsiders.

  • Author itineraries are immersive and unhurried

    Author itineraries are immersive and unhurried

    All our itineraries are personally designed by us. The most important thing for us is that there is no rush. We strive to ensure that each participant has enough time to experience each place, take interesting photographs or simply meditate.

  • We take photos

    We take photos

    Photography for us is a way of exploring, a way of learning, a way of preserving and sharing what we encounter on our travels. We teach and share how to photograph people and how to tell stories through photography.

  • Guarantees


    We have been organising and leading 6-7 tours and expeditions a year for over 10 years. We only take you on routes that we have thoroughly researched. If you have paid to go on a tour, you will go.

  • Training and development

    Training and development

    All our trips are not only an exciting journey, but also an opportunity for development, learning and transformation for each participant. This is one of the reasons why so many of our participants have come back to join us on different trips over the years.

Alexey Terentyev

Alexey Terentyev

My name is Alexey Terentyev. Many years ago I discovered the charm of travelling independently to the most amazing corners of our world. I realised how much can give each of us communication with extraordinary cultures of other countries, communication with new people and with untouched nature ...

Today I am happy not only to discover new things, but also to share my favourite places and impressions with friends and like-minded people. This is how the idea of organising author's tours came about. Today our passion for travelling has united us into a whole group of like-minded people and we have a name - On the Roof. There is such an opinion that travelling, a person finds himself a little higher and sees a little more. Not higher than other people, but a little closer to the sky and the stars. And it's true. Today we invite everyone to join our trips... There are no restrictions, all tours are designed for the most ordinary people, assume the necessary level of comfort... the only point is that we take a lot of photos, turning photography into another way of learning and interacting with the world around us... Is this close and familiar to you? Let's go together!



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