Photographic expedition

Laos photography tour 2023

Laos photography tour 2023


  • 20 November 2023 — 29 November 2023
  • Visa is granted on the spot
  • Laos
  • 5-9 persons
  • Available for booking
  • Tourleader Alexey Terentyev

Meeting Asia is always a miracle. It's like slowly opening the jewellery box of the Arabian Nights. But despite the common name of the region, each country has its own unique face, character and treasures. And Laos fits the bill perfectly. Ancient monasteries and temples, unique traditions and culture, small nationalities and tribes living in the north of the country, small rural villages full of peace, mountains, valleys, rivers and lakes of stunning beauty.... It is impossible to list everything. And behind every word there is a whole world of feelings, impressions and discoveries. In my opinion, Laos is one of the most interesting countries in Southeast Asia. And in November we are going on another trip to this wonderful world. 

The itinerary has been carefully thought out and designed so that we can get to know the different aspects of life in the country in a short space of time. We will travel in comfort from the south to the north. We will see ancient temples and talk to monks in monasteries, visit local schools and fish the old-fashioned way with fishermen on the banks of the Mekong, go boating on full-flowing rivers amidst stunning mountain scenery to meet remote people living in remote mountain villages. We will learn about the culture and history of the country, take part in an ancient monk feeding ceremony, learn how moonshine is made from rice and how clothes are woven, see how fruit and vegetables are grown and walk among the vast rice fields. 

The trip, like all our trips, is designed for people who are interested not just in seeing the standard sights, but in immersing themselves in the life of the country, communicating with the people, seeing and feeling their lives. Physically, the trip is accessible to people of almost any age. There won't be any long walks. All travel is by comfortable transport. And the format of the trip avoids rushing and running from one place to another. Our motto: quality is more important than quantity, the opportunity to feel each place and, if you want to take interesting photos, your own history, is more important than the number of ticks in the list of attractions.

Day 1. Arrival in Vientiane, capital of Laos. Meeting. Transfer to the hotel. Introduction to the group. Walking and shooting in the city.

Day 2. Vientiane. We will fully immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of this wonderful city. Ancient temples sit next to cosy colonial buildings, noisy schools with numerous monasteries, restaurants and cafes are complemented by much more atmospheric and photogenic street food. We will definitely visit the most interesting and time-honoured places in the city, touch ancient temples and chat with monks, and at sunset the great Mekong awaits us - not just a river, but a living artery that feeds the life of the whole country. We will meet and shoot on the banks of the Mekong many more times. Even in the capital, there is always life on the banks: the poorer people come to cast their nets in the hope of catching dinner for their families, the richer to enjoy the wonderful views from the banks. You fall in love with Laos from the very first day, the sights, the smells, the feeling of a warm breeze on your skin, the smile of a monk and the mischievous eyes of children running by.


Day 3. We pile into our cars and set off for adventure. Today, the quaint and picturesque town of Vang Vieng awaits. Considered by many to be the most beautiful place in Laos. But first we will visit some temples and the famous Buddha Park, which has a large collection of Buddhist and Hindu statues. We will also see one of the largest and most beautiful lakes in Laos.


Day 4. In the morning we will be shooting not only in Vang Vieng, surrounded by rice fields and small villages leading a quiet, measured, meaningful rural life, but also in its surroundings. We will visit a very interesting cave with Buddha statues, which is considered sacred by the locals. We will climb a small hill from where we will have a wonderful view of the surrounding area. And only after we have enjoyed this place will we head further north - to Luang Prabang - the northern capital of the country. Of course, there will be many interesting stops and encounters along the way. This is possible thanks to the private transport we use to get around the country. And it is often these unplanned stops and encounters that turn out to be the most interesting.

Day 5. We continue our journey almost to the very north of the country, where the forests are thicker, the rivers fuller and life much the same as it was many years ago. On the way we plan to stop at monasteries to take photos and chat with the monks. Most of the monasteries in Laos are not very large, but very interesting. In addition to the standard Buddha images, there are often interesting scenes, both from Buddha's life and illustrations of his teachings. In a monastery there is always an older monk, who acts as a mentor and teacher, and some younger monks. Sometimes they are very young children. Some of them will probably return to worldly life, and some will dedicate their lives to the monastery and eventually become mentors and teachers themselves.

Day 6-7. We will stay in one of the small villages. Here we will spend two nights. The next day we go up the river by boat. You can't go further by car - there is no road. To get to these villages you can either walk a long time through the mountains on trails or, as we will do, along the river. But more interesting is the life in these remote villages, which have retained their unique atmosphere. It is a truly unique experience. In the villages we will meet the people who lived in Laos many years ago. Thanks to the boat we will be able to visit several remote villages in one day. And thanks to a local guide and interpreter, not only to see and take pictures, but also to interact and learn more about the lives of these people.

Day 8. Today we return to the northern capital of Laos - Luang Prabang. All the wonders of this incredible city await us, but first we visit the famous cave, sacred to the locals, containing thousands of Buddha images brought there over the years by countless pilgrims, on the high bank of the Mekong River. To get to the cave we will have to hire a boat and take it straight to the cave - or rather two caves - we will visit both. It is impossible to get to the caves without a boat. Apart from being a sacred place of pilgrimage, the caves also offer a beautiful view of the surrounding area. Apart from the caves, we also stop at a small village to see how the locals make wine and moonshine from rice. Not only to see, but also to taste if you wish.

Day 9. This day is dedicated to Luang Prabang - probably the most beautiful and atmospheric city in Laos. The huge school alone, built when Laos was a French colony and still retaining its atmosphere, deserves a lot of attention. Not to mention the many ancient temples and monasteries for which the city is so famous. So it is not surprising that our day will begin early in the morning with the ancient ceremony of feeding the monks, which is as ancient as Buddhism itself, and which you can not only photograph but also participate in. 

Day 10. As part of the basic programme, our journey through Laos comes to an end. Last shooting in the city. Transfer to the airport. Return home.

Photography Programme

Discovering and exploring the world through photography

Photography in our travels becomes another way of communicating, learning and interacting with the new world. Through photography we communicate with people, we learn to see and notice more, photography pushes us to explore more deeply and at the same time gives us more impressions and vivid emotions.

Shooting in the morning and evening

There are more and more opportunities to shoot bright and expressive images during the day. We try to structure our schedule so that we can be at interesting locations during regular shooting hours, leaving travel and rest for the day.

Time to shoot and create

Photography is a creative process in its own right, and it takes time. Lack of time to shoot is a perennial problem on most tours. We are aware of this and make sure that there is enough time for photography and creativity.

The chance to shoot your own photo story

Telling stories through photos, sharing what you have seen and experienced, turning individual shots into poems, stories and novels - what could be more exciting? Even more so when the results of our travels and photo tours are published in magazines. Want to tell your story? We will be happy to help you every step of the way, from choosing a subject to selecting photos. The main thing is to write to us before you go.

Portrait photography, people's lives

People and their lives are the most interesting thing in any country and on any trip. That's why we always pay a lot of attention to portrait photography. Do you want to learn how to photograph people even better when travelling and gain new experiences? We're on our way!

Discussing and reviewing the photos

After each trip we have a big review of the participants' photos. Some time has passed, the equipment has settled down, everyone has made their choices - it's time to discuss the photos. The post-trip photo review is free for all participants.

Creative team, experience of other photographers

We always have small but very lively and creative groups of like-minded people who are passionate about photography. We often have well known and experienced photographers travelling with us and it is a pleasure to shoot with them. The exchange of experience and creative charge is an important part of a good trip.

And of course it is important that we shoot together - all the photos on the website are taken during the tours. Each participant has the opportunity to see the whole creative process from the inside, to become part of it, to see how these photos are taken. Amazing locations, unique programmes multiplied by creativity and photography - the formula for a perfect trip, proven over the years. Join us!

Photo Tour Cost

The cost of the main Laos programme is $1850.

A 30% deposit is required at the time of booking and is non-refundable in the event of cancellation. However, you can always transfer this deposit to another person to take your place.

The price includes

- Transfers to and from the airport.
- Accommodation in hotels with everything you need.
- All transport and travel except the flight from Laos to Vietnam.
- Entrance fees to all the parks and sites we visit.
- Breakfast at hotels (where possible based on hotels).
- Work of guides, drivers and interpreters.
- Photo programme.

Not included in the price:

- Tickets to and from Laos.
- Lunches and dinners.
- Medical insurance.
- Tips.
- Accommodation and transport in Thailand.

Distinctive features of our photo tours and journeys

- We always have a thoughtful and relaxed travel format, with no rush.

- Our trips are not only about experiencing new places and countries, but also about learning new skills and knowledge. Learning is an important part of many of our programmes. Mostly it is learning: photography from basic skills to serious work on our own author projects, portrait photography; ethnography, culture, history of the countries we visit; local medicine, consultations with doctors, diagnostics, massage; philosophy and some aspects of psychology, including those based on Buddhist teachings.

- The most interesting thing for us on every trip is the people.

- We don't just travel, we get to know the lives of people and countries from the inside.

- We try to maintain a reasonable level of comfort on all our trips.

- We are interested in non-touristic places and author itineraries, each of which is personally developed by us.

- We have wonderful people travelling with us. Every trip is a new friendship, communication with like-minded people and an exchange of experiences.

- The basis of knowledge is practical experience, our feelings and experiences. We don't just look at other people's lives from the outside, we touch those lives through direct experience. This gives a fuller and deeper understanding and interaction with a world that is new to us.

- Every journey we take brings us joy, fulfilment and happiness! Join us!

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